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My Metastatic
Breast Cancer Story

As most of you know, I was diagnosed with Stage IV Breast Cancer in November of 2013. Stage IV means that the cancer has spread outside of the breast and is now in other organs and/or bones. Mine has gone to my spine. Once it is Stage IV, or metastatic, there is NO CURE. The average life span is 18 - 24 months after diagnosis. This month I reached 36 months, so I've beaten the odds so far, and I pray I will continue to do so.

I have had chemotherapy, radiation, surgery and a targeted treatment called Herceptin Immunotherapy that specifically targets my type of breast cancer (HER-2+). I had been told I would be on this or another treatment as long as I am alive. In July, tests showed that this treatment was causing heart failure, so I had to stop treatment.

As of now, we wait and see if the cancer progresses (it will always be in my body). This requires scans every 3 months to check for progression. I'm telling you my story because I want to help contribute to whatever can prolong the lives of myself and others who have metastatic breast cancer. This takes research and research requires money. I've joined forces with others who are taking the MetaRibbon challenge and have set a goal of raising $5000 in the month of November.

This money will go to METAvivor, an organization that gives 100% to metastatic breast cancer RESEARCH.

Please give if you possibly can. Even a donation of $1.00 will help and be appreciated. If you know me very well at all, you know that asking others to give money on my behalf is very hard for me to do. But I feel so strongly about this cause that I'm begging you to give what you can.

With thanks to my God, my family, my friends and my healthcare team I will do all I can to fight this disease!

Thank you for your support!

On behalf of the NWA Metsquerade and Metavivor, we appreciate your support in making Metastatic Breast Cancer a Chronic Manageable Disease instead of a terminal one.

100% of your donations will go toward metastatic breast cancer treatment research.

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