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Eden had graduated from Notre Dame and Harvard Law in 2006. She practiced law for 3 years before being struck with stage 4 metastatic breast cancer. No warning. No symptoms. No family history. Age 29. All opportunities, hopes, hard work torn away from her. She was given 3 months to live. Metastatic breast cancer already in her liver. A diagnosis discovered just days before Christmas in 2009. We stretched those 3 months into 3 years. Battling the disease and countless horrible meetings with the oncologist. The disease spread throughout her body, yet Eden being the selfless person she was, volunteered more, worked full time still as an attorney and even took on extra cases, without her co workers knowing she had a terminal disease.

This woman was made of steel!

She would get chemo therapy on her lunch break, and then go back to the office. She lost her hair, we bought a nice wig. She grew her hair back, just to lose it again. We traveled as much as we could during these 3 years.

The disease got more aggressive.

It attacked her lungs 1 1/2 years after being diagnosed. On the same day we renewed our wedding vows, she ended up in the ICU having only 6 white blood cells and no immune system. She had to go on life support as her lungs couldn’t keep up with the infection. For 8 days I had doctors telling me to let her go. I refused. I knew she would fight. After 8 days, and countless hours of zero sleep we got her off the ventilator and took her home in an ambulance just to get her strong again to get more chemo.

It spread to her brain. She did full brain radiation. We traveled more.

It came back. We did more brain radiation, and kept the tumors at bay.

We traveled more.

The tumors then spread to her spine and her spine collapsed. During all of these horrific events, God spoke through me to calm her. To keep her living one moment at a time. Not thinking about tomorrow or the past.

We lived focused on minute to minute.

Day by day.

I’d love to talk about all of Eden’s academic accomplishments, professional accomplishments, wife accomplishments, mother to our golden retriever accomplishments. However what I will always remember about my wife is how she always helped others, even when she was to sick to care for herself, and how she touched everyone who knew her. She’s the closest thing to experiencing what heaven is like on Earth.

Cory Banks will be contributing 50.00 per loan closing in the fight against metastatic breast cancer.

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