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METAvivor appreciates your donation and honors your generosity by ensuring that 100% of your donation goes toward supporting grants for metastatic breast cancer research.

MetaRaise DENJPA is a sub-group of the Facebook group Living With MBC Support Group In DE, NJ, PA. We are Stage 4 Metastatic Breast Cancer patients in the Greater Philadelphia area whose sole purpose is to raise funds through various efforts in 2020 to benefit METAvivor Research and Support Inc.

Most breast cancer organizations give 2-5% of donated dollars to MBC research – the only breast cancer that kills. METAvivor gives 100% of donations, funding research grants to help extend the lives of MBC patients with the goal of making MBC a chronic disease instead of a terminal one.  Cracking the MBC code helps ALL stages of breast cancer patients as more than 90% of MBC patients were once early stage patients. Our efforts are not only for ourselves but for our children, grandchildren, and for those patients who come after us. MetaRaise DENJPA is motivated to help. We are full of passion, hope, and focus.

Please support us by being an MBC ally: spread the word, participate in our activities, and help us raise money. Our collective advocacy work is making a difference. Change is happening right now.







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