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In 2008 Laura Larsen Lampel, my mother, was diagnosed with breast cancer and after a brief stint in remission her cancer metastasized to her spine, lungs, and liver by 2011. We saw it move to her skull, mandible, and her hips over the years. All in all, she received 17 different cancer drugs over the years, buying her more time but in the end not necessarily quality of life. On October 15th, 2017 Laura succumbed to complications due to her treatments & cancer, leaving behind a legacy characterized by compassion, courage, and optimism. She was a much beloved member of her community and was a mentor to many young people throughout her life, most notably the now-young-adults of Girl Scout Troop 2538. We had a very deep bond as we had survived a lot together, and she raised me with so much love. She was always so very supportive of everything I did, including my love of bicycles which has brought me success, and in turn, a return on her investment in the form of pride.

To pay forward all that my mother has done for me I will be riding 4000 miles throughout 2018 in an effort to raise $40,000 for MBC research via METAvivor. METAvivor Research and Support is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing support for women and men with metastatic breast cancer (MBC) and funding research to transition MBC from a terminal illness to a controlled, chronic condition.

I am seeking pledges of at least $10 per mile, but supporters of this campaign are encouraged to pre-sponsor miles or just give what they can! I’ll be keeping everyone updated on weekly totals and how they stack up to our goals. *100% of funds raised will go directly to METAvivor.*

Metastatic Breast Cancer patients need more answers, more options, more time, and we will only get that with more research. I hope you come along with me on this journey; Together we CAN make an impact!

$10 Per Mile Sponsored!

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