Metavivors of New Jersey


METAvivors of NJ is the local chapter of the national organization, METAvivor Research and Support. This group is created in memory of our dear friend and Metavivor Board Member, Monica Hill, and all the others who were taken too soon from metastatic breast cancer (MBC). The goal of this group is to provide ways to stay informed, inspire action and advocate for better laws and more funding for stage IV breast cancer. Through advocacy programs, we will encourage meet ups. While we know the reality of this disease, we also need a place to provide hope and positive stories. This group is open to friends and families who want to champion the cause.  To keep up with what we are doing, please visit us on Facebook.

100% of your donation will go to metastastic breast cancer research.  The goal of reseach is for one day to make metastatic breast cancer a chronic manageable disease with a good quality of life.




Thank you for your support!


Tami Bowling & Lauren O'Brien


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