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METAvivor appreciates your donation and honors your generosity by ensuring that 100% of your donation goes toward supporting grants for metastatic breast cancer research.

I’m Rosey Beth Hendrix, I will be 67 in June. On Aug 30th I will set out on an Epic Adventure. I will ride my Harley Davidson Motorcycle from the Atlantic to the Pacific, starting at Jacksonville Beach, Florida, to San Diego Beach, California. Follow along as this Epic Adventure for Metastatic Breast Cancer Awareness is posted daily on my Facebook page!

My ride is in honor of those that lost the battle, those that survived the battle and those in the battle now, fighting breast cancer! I believe in METAvivor because they are donating 100% of your money to research. Please give from your heart and pray everyday for a cure!! Be Blessed. Rosey Hugs ❤️


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