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METAvivor appreciates your donation and honors your generosity by ensuring that 100% of your donation goes toward supporting grants for metastatic breast cancer research.

Run For METAvivor
in memory of Kristin Todd

On Sunday, September 30th, together with anyone who wants to join us, Sharon Myers and Felicia Corbett will be running the 5k Hot Pink Fun Run in Roseville, CA. Our goal is to raise money in honor of Kristin Todd’s brave 5-year journey with stage 4 breast cancer. We have chosen METAvivor as our fundraising organization as Kristin strongly believed in this organization because 100% of donations go towards stage 4 breast cancer research. Kristin lived with this awful disease since July of 2013 and passed on April 14th of this year. She approached this journey with courage and determination, living her life, despite all the difficulties, by being an amazing wife, mother, daughter and friend…teaching us all to find the joy in each day. She was a Nurse Practitioner working with heart failure patients in Sacramento California. If you would like to contribute towards our run for this cause we welcome you to do so. On behalf of Kristin and all those with stage 4 breast cancer, thank you.

METAvivor is a volunteer-led organization, and 100% of donations go to research.Your donation is tax deductible to the extent allowed by law.


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