Stage 4 Stampede Grants and Operational Funding

The Stage 4 Stampede is one of our most important programs.  It includes advocacy training, meetings with congressional members in Washington DC to tell your story, as well as patient networking events. Patients meet with representatives every year to tell their stories, ask for additional funding for metastatic breast cancer research from the National Institute of Health and Department of Defense, encourage representatives to continue vital patient healthcare protections and ask for support for treatment and therapies for metastatic cancer. 

METAvivor is led by volunteers, many of whom live with the daily challenge of metastatic breast cancer. We work hard to keep expenses to a minimum for our programs and operations that support and encourage additional research. We also work very hard to make sure every patient who wants to attend is able to through patient travel grants. 

You can help us reach these goals by donating or raising money to help cover these supporting costs.

Remember, METAvivor puts 100% of all donations into its research grants unless otherwise specified by the donor.  If you donate here, your donation will go toward travel grants for the Stage 4 Stampede or for other supporting costs for METAvivor programs.  

If you are interested in corporate sponsorships of the Stage 4 Stampede, contact

Travel grants and Operations funding
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