Ten IV Ten Founders Challenge

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Top 10 Participants (amount raised)
1. Heather Dahm $6,550.00
2. Stephanie Boelhauf $4,487.10
3. Beckie Minear $3,883.34
4. Susan Woodward $3,786.00
5. Ashli Riggs $3,685.00
6. Melissa Buckles $2,380.00
7. Crystal Carter $2,260.00
8. Barry Lenk $1,100.00
9. Stephanie Cormier $1,000.00
10. marina kaplan $955.00

Top 10 Participants (# of contributions)
1. Heather Dahm 59
2. Susan Woodward 58
3. Beckie Minear 55
4. Melissa Buckles 30
5. Ashli Riggs 27
6. Crystal Carter 24
7. Anne Rodriguez 15
8. marina kaplan 14
9. Stephanie Boelhauf 13
10. Jonny salveron 9

Help us reach $10,000,000 in research for our 10-year anniversary

Welcome to the Ten IV Ten Founder's Challenge! Help METAvivor Research & Support, Inc. reach their goal of awarding $10,000,000 in 10 years to stage four metastatic breast cancer treatment research. Please search for the fundraiser you would like to support or set up your own page to the right.  This challenge goal is to raise $100,000 of the $10,000,000 goal. 

Dian “CJ” Corneliussen, the only living founder of METAvivor is dedicating this year’s fundraising to our three deceased founders of METAvivor: Karen Presswood, Rhonda Rhodes, and Avis Halberstadt . In the most trying of times, they gave their energy to making a difference. They started METAvivor to raise money for research, provide support for patients and bring awareness to stage 4 metastatic breast cancer. At that time, there was very little funding, support or awareness for the devastating disease. CJ said, "At an early Board Meeting around my dining room table in 2009, we’d discussed setting our first grant goal. $25,000 was on the table when Rhonda suddenly stood up and threw out her arms saying, 'Reach for the stars ... $50,000! ' At that point we had about $14,000 in the bank.  We exceeded that goal and the first grant awarded was $55,000."

Past and present supporters are grateful for our founders and the countless hours they spent to lay the foundation for what METAvivor is today.